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24 Apr

Don’t leave it until tomorrow…


Posted by: Jill Couture

Many times we put things off for tomorrow.  We all do it.  Whether it is getting a Will prepared to finalize your Estate planning, or getting life insurance to secure your family in the event of your death, or something as simple as getting a free rate hold for a mortgage.  With a plan, a little focus and the right professional helping you it is easy to get it all done.  But leave it until tomorrow and all of these things could cost you, your estate & family thousands of dollars and a mess of regret!

Simply put, if you have debt and you have loved ones that will inherit that debt, get life insurance to cover it.  If you have loved ones, children and assets in your name, prepare your will so it clearly outlines your wishes for the division of those assets and children.  If you have a mortgage now and you are paying more than 4% contact a mortgage broker for a check-up you could save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars by doing so.  We send your application to several lenders with one credit check, protecting your credit and your mortgage ‘interests’ saving your thousands of dollars.

You don’t think you need life insurance until your partner dies without it.  You don’t think you need a Will until you have a partner die without one and you don’t think you need to get a rate hold or a mortgage check up until the rates rise another 1% increasing the mortgage payment by $100.00 per $100,000 of oustanding mortgage. 

This year I have witnessed all of the above in one client or another so don’t leave it until tomorrow for we know it just might not come.  If you need an introduction to a professional that can help you I will be happy to suppy you with one.